La Printaniere is proud to announce our new designation as a WellSpot by Well-Ahead Louisiana!

"A WellSpot is a place, space or organization in Louisiana that has implemented voluntary, smart changes to make healthier living easier for Louisiana citizens. WellSpots have demonstrated to the Department of Health and Hospitals that they have met a number of benchmarks to improve wellness outcomes."

Because children’s behavior and energy levels are affected by the foods they eat, La Printaniere encourages healthy eating practices throughout the day. We also provide outdoor playtime on a daily basis, screen-free educational materials and lessons on the importance of consuming healthy drinks like water and milk along with a well-balanced variety of wholesome foods.

It is such an honor to be recognized as a WellSpot for our school's wellness practices.

Well-Ahead Louisiana is an initiative of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals aimed at improving the health and wellness of Louisiana citizens.