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“As a former parent, I miss La Print every day. It will always be a special place to us where love, peace and true belonging dwell.”

- Amy P.

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“My daughter is 3 and just started La Print. Every morning she is SO excited to go to school. I have noticed a huge change in her as far as independence and confidence and it’s only the 2nd week. Cannot wait to see what this school year holds! Fabulous staff, precious classrooms, safe/awesome location.. so happy we chose La Print!”

- Kailin P.

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“It is so wonderful that La Printaniere is teaching students manners and how to treat each other with kindness.”

- Karen W.

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“Our daughter has been a student for two years and we are more than satisfied. The involvement of all teachers and parents is amazing. It's a real sense of community and the learning materials become second nature to our children; so much so they don't realize they are even learning. Montessori education has been pivotal for our family and La Print has been the best choice for us!”

- Caitlyn P.